Book: Persuasion Profiling

My book called “Persuasion Profiling” is available both in English (published May 2015), and in Dutch (called “Digitale Verleiding”). Make sure to order your copy here (or in Dutch, here).


Here is a brief abstract of the book:

Persuasion Profiling is about the growing trend of personalized online shopping experiences: it combines insights in psychology and information technology to present the latest insights in online marketing.

With the rise of the internet, shops and businesses are able to reach many more prospective customers than ever before. However, even though an online store may get ten times as many visitors as a physical store, the ratio of visitors that actually buy something is only one tenth of that of a bricks‐and‐mortar store.

What is missing from the internet shopping experience, Maurits Kaptein argues, is the psychological aspects of assisting a customer that a real salesman or –woman uses. Until recently, web shops were not able to tailor their sites to an individual customer’s wants and needs. By using Persuasion Profiles, companies are now able to create individual profiles that use Big Data to work out which persuasive tactic works best for a particular client.

‘Persuasion Profiles’ may sound a little technocratic, but these profiles are simply the next step in creating a personalized online experience. The internet is only catching up with the skills that good salespeople have had for centuries. After reading Digital Persuasion, you will know how it is done and understand why it works.”

And some praise for the book:

‘A highly entertaining read, requiring little marketing or psychology knowledge. For the educated reader, Kaptein still offers enough new insights and research to make this book the ideal crossover book. Any reader already familiar with Cialdini, Nudge, Ariely, Kahneman and others, will welcome this addition to their library.’ – Goodreads

‘A beginning trend, easily explained and described. This books serves as a first, unique introduction to Persuasion Profiles. It’s a handy guide to keep returning to in the coming months and years.’ –, lead generation specialists