Work and Golf

Hey hey

After a long silence a quick update:

A bunch of stuff happened in my work. First, Dean Eckles and I got featured in Wired magazine: Second an article I wrote last year got featured on the ACM website:

So, now I am getting a lot of responses to both. People are using my work both in Industry and Academia, and it is great to see the interest. Dean Eckles and I just submitted a new paper on this work, and I am working with Steven Duplinsky on a more applied study. It going well!

Also, Arjan Haring and I started PersuasionAPI (after already doing some of this myself via Apistat) to be able to use some of the work on e-commerce websites and other online outlets. This is going to be cool because it provides industrial scale testing of my academic work, and a chance to improve conversion of websites.

Next week I will be at CHI 2011 – Vancouver, Canada.

Next to work I am obviously still trying to enjoy CA, so here are some pictures of yesterdays round of golf :)